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~Don't stop with just accepting the world as it is; dare to see it for what it could be~

It's the second last day of this One World Challenge, and it has been a unique experience. People from different parts of the world are actively doing their part to save the environment. On its surface, it's fun, interesting and engaging: to try forgoing meat and fish, to walk home from school even if you're dead tired, to not eat your favorite food because you're avoiding dairy. Yet, look closer. Look deeper. Take a good look and you'll find that it asks us a vital question:

"How far will you go, to change your habits and thoughts, to protect and conserve our environment?"

Change is a tricky thing. It is rarely easy, as it requires us to drop habits and beliefs we have held for so long, in order to embrace something new, something different. In this case, the challenge asks of us to make an effort to change ourselves. And we have. We took steps to practice environmentally-friendly actions in our daily lives. We had set goals to achieve every week. We raised the bars higher and higher every week as we went along. I dare say it may have been the crucial catalyst that some of us needed to lead more healthier, more environmentally-friendly lives.

Realistically though, we have to ask ourselves some other questions:
"Will this last? Will we continue doing what we have done throughout this challenge, even if it is less frequently than before? Or this is just another one-time project that we do to make us feel better about ourselves? Another challenge for the sake of competition? Another activity just for "fun"?

I know us participants of this challenge must feel for the environment, because why else would we be here? And I believe that most, if not all, of us will try to continue some of the actions here, post-challenge, in our own ways. It's never too late to start making changes to our lifestyles (at least I hope not).

Hence, let us continue on with what we are doing, what we have learnt, what we have experienced. The battle to protect our home from further vandalism and pillage will never stop. This struggle to protect what remains of our planet won't cease anytime soon.

So why should we?

(P.S. vegetarian food can be quite delicious xD)


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