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Sustainability in UWCAD

Ciao! We are a group of students coming from the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy. The six of us come from different countries: Tiffany (Hong Kong), Hannah (Germany), Lisa (France), Nina (Georgia), Sirena (Hong Kong) and Nour (Syria). We are doing our high school here, and we would like to bring the issue of sustainability to the college. The One World Challenge became a motivator for us to be mindful of our own actions, and as a group, we have started to spread this message around. Some of us brought the idea of the One World Challenge, and are going to initiate campaigns that aim at introducing a more sustainable lifestyle to our peers.

Being a boarding school, it is both easy and difficult for us to change our lifestyle. We may be forgetful at times, but we are also able to remind each other of our actions. There are certain aspects that we can’t really control, but we tried to promote sustainability step by step. Signs were put up around our residences encouraging people to save energy, water, etc. Honestly, I feel like we are already doing most of the goals provided on the web page, so it was nice to see that sustainability doesn’t always mean inconvenience. It was also easy for us to carry out the challenge together. Some of us who are not vegetarians have started to try vegetarian food at the school canteen, and I must say that it was not as hard as we thought it would be!

Coming to the third week of the challenge, we hope that we can keep going and fulfill the goals. This is the very first time we participate as a team so we hope to keep doing it in the future and encourage our friends to join. We cannot wait to see more people living a more sustainable lifestyle!


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