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Flash Challenge No2

Today we participated in Flash Challenge No.2 - Prepare a vegetarian meal together with your team using at least two seasonal and regional vegetables. Who knew how varied a vegetarian meal could be as well as how delicious - we are so full right now. On our lunch menu today we had:
- Pumpkin soup made with a local pumpkin and potatoes
- Carrot and zucchini/courgette muffins (our dessert) once again made with local produce
- Spinach tortellini with homemade local tomato sauce
- Yummy Dhal served with warm bread
- Potato filled samosas

Majority of the ingrediants were regional with all of them being seasonal. A lot of our vegetables had the Genève Région – Terre Avenir authentication on them. More details can be found here: http://www.geneveterroir.ch/en/content/gen3%A8ve-r%C3%A9gion-terre-avenir