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OWC Spotlight: Lorena Trejo

OWC Spotlight: Lorena Trejo

In the Spring 2016 One World Challenge, nearly 200 participants were from the Instituto Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey in Mexico. The Challenge was brought to Mexico by Lorena Trejo. In anticipation for the next One World Challenge, we interviewed her about the experience.

Hi Lorena, thanks for agreeing to be a part of this interview.

Lorena: My pleasure! I really enjoyed the Challenge, so I鈥檓 happy to participate.

Let鈥檚 start! How did you find out about the Challenge?

Lorena: Last December, some friends and I聽went to COP21 as part of the Global University Climate Forum.聽We saw Max and Michelle [members of the WeAct Students team in Cambridge] giving a presentation about the One World Challenge.

Why did you decide to get involved in the One World Challenge?

Lorena: After the presentation, we just thought it was great, everything we were looking for. We also that Mexico hadn鈥檛 participated before, and we wanted to introduce the project to there.

The interest in the One World Challenge in Mexico, and especially in the Instituto Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey, was huge. Why do you think that was?

Lorena: We don鈥檛 really have anything similar in Mexico, so we approached lots of student groups and tried to make it personal to them. Everyone loved it, and was really excited by it. Everyone accomplished their goals. And everyone was very competitive, too. It was cool, and hopefully next year we will have even more participants.

What was your biggest difficulty in the Challenge?

Lorena: On a personal level it was when we took a sustainability trip, and there was no internet. So when I came back, it was really hard to remember which actions I had done! I聽was sitting there, trying to remember聽whether I had remembered to eat vegan the previous Wednesday.

On a more general level, by the final week, some people were beginning to forget they were in the Challenge, I had to keep reminding them!

It can be hard to keep track towards the end! On the flipside of that, what was your favourite moment of the Challenge?

Lorena: 聽It was lovely to have outdoor vegan meals with my team. We had those lunches on a Monday, so it was a great way to motivate people for the coming week. Moreover, it was great to see people participating in the Challenge around campus. Throughout the Challenge, people were asking for vegan meals in the cafeteria, and people who usually have throw away bottles were carrying reusable ones.

That鈥檚 great to hear! We often have similar team lunches Instituto Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey had more students than elsewhere, more than 150! Are there a lot more students that might participate?

Lorena:聽I think so, we had 13,587 students last semester, so I think we can get a few more to participate.聽

That鈥檚 very specific!

Lorena: I鈥檓 good with numbers聽smiley

I can see! That鈥檚 a big audience you want to reach. You obviously care very much about sustainability, what鈥檚 your personal philosophy about sustainability?

Lorena: I think it鈥檚 important to practice what you preach. I can鈥檛 exactly tell someone to stop using a plastic bottle if I鈥檓 drinking from one myself!

That鈥檚 a good philosophy, is there anyone who influenced that philosophy?

Lorena:聽I鈥檓 not sure鈥erhaps it was just the environment I grew up in. This question is too hard!聽

Haha! Well here鈥檚 another difficult question. How would your best friend describe you?

Lorena: Hmmm, they would probably say that I am enthusiastic. My best friend always asks me where I get so much energy from. Also they would say I am random. That鈥檚 how they would describe me.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

Lorena: I have a pet pig! His name is Juno. It鈥檚 not very sustainable, but he鈥檚 lived with me for seven years, he鈥檚 part of the family now, the family鈥檚 baby.

That鈥檚 fantastic! Lorena, thank you so much for taking part in the interview, we can鈥檛 wait to see what you do in the next one world challenge!

A keen environmental activist,聽Lorena is about to enter her third year at the聽Instituto Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey. She is originally from Tijuana.聽