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We are the Treehuggers :D

The One World Challenge was undoubtedly an enriching and interesting experience. It uses a very effective positive-feedback system rewarding us with points when we carry out sustainable acts: even the little ones that are often overlooked, serving as a constant reminder that every action helps. I believe that this was one of the most useful tools (daily reminders of logging in points), as living more sustainable lifestyle became a much more significant part in my life as it frequently surfaced in my mind.

Some may say that for a challenge, it's not THAT difficult, but I believe that it could be counterproductive to have such drastic changes to ones' behavior in a short period of time, discouraging one from continuing for long. After all, we don't just want to carry these habits with us for 2-3 weeks, but hopefully for the rest of our lives and in the generations below. The variety of actions you can do is so extensive, not overemphasizing solely one aspect of sustainability (i.e. going vegetarian or not showering for a week) and encourages one to do their best in whatever area they can.

Personally, coming from a country where environmental preservation is comparatively hardly emphasized, I learnt so much: from informative videos on consumerism to how the actions in my daily life can significantly impact the environment. But even more interesting was the challenge spurred my team to do things we wouldn't have otherwise considered, like the very enjoyable electronic-free night where we sat in the dark chatting and jamming out to a guitar, and swapping clothes (I wore my teammate Merlin's onesie and he, my Asian elephant pants :D).

It also sparked many lovely conversations about environmental sustainability with other fellow competitors too. While I acknowledge that we will probably not continue doing these actions at the exact same intensity as during the challenge, I will indubitably strive to carry some of the habits I'd picked up. These include: Not using a napkin (I realized that I often had to stop myself from subconsciously reaching for a napkin even when I didn't need it) Washing clothes at 30° Playing more sports Looking for and cooking seasonal fruits and vegetables Cutting down meat and fish consumption Taking the stairs Walking/Biking if possible Visiting the local market Printing only when absolutely necessary Planting plants (I've never planted my own plants, so I'm hoping they'll grow!) Using a reusable bottle Taking 4-minute showers Huge thank you to WeAct for organizing this; I really enjoyed it and the learning that subsequently came.

Team: We Are The Treehuggers

Institution: UWC Robert Bosch