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Winning Team OWC Spring 2016: Team DETOXICATED!!!

I am writting in behalf of the Detoxicated-team (Although they don't know, that I am writting this right now :-)) and wanted to share my feelings about the one-world-challenge. Honestly, initially, we created our team in order to win, in order to show people how sustainable you can easily be and we told ourselves promises we couldn't stick to, promises like "no showering for 3 weeks, being vegan for three weeks, no flashing the toilet for three weeks!" And as mentioned earlier it was all about winning! Winning without cheating! Because why should we join a challenge, if you can easily be sustainable by our own? Why should we join a challenge, in which you get 150 points for taking a picture and 40 points for being vegan, if we don't want to win this challenge?

And, obviously, we still want to win, but our mindsets, our attitude, our perception has changed significantly.... Namr, who couldn't live without meat for one day is a confirmed vegan now (more or less :-)) and tells people off whenever they use more than one paper towel. Sophie fights with stuff from the kitchen from the mensa from our college in order to get more nutritious and healthy vegan food. Hannah is more passionate about all group activities than I have ever seen her before. Filip actually achieves successfully to cut the amount of time he showers below 4 minutes. And Mathias keeps complaining about vegan food but stays strong and even started liking vegan milk. Although it has not been more than a challenge in the very beginning, we have explored a vast amount of changing our lifestyles and actually making a significant difference.

Today we had our first vegan, electricity-free dinner with seasonal and local vegetables and enjoyed the end of the evening with a walk next to a small river, talking about our experiences. 2 weeks ago I haven't considered that I was capable of doing this. Thank you, one-world-challenge!!

Team: Detoxicated

Institution: UWC Robert Bosch